Your Colorful Planet Of Photography, Welcome!

Greetings Everyone,

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer which is what this site is dedicated to; the enthusiasm of 1000s or more of enthusiastic photographers.  Since the world of digital photography is increasing exponentially on a global scale, I know I have a lot to keep up and stay up with.  I have great hopes that my imagination, through the amazing digital camera, will capture thought-provoking, beautifully strange, invigorating and challenging images on the sensors of my cameras.

This is my first blog of any kind and in its genesis I’ll be learning, posting photos, organizing, making mistakes and having successes.  This blog will always be rated G, family friendly and friend creating.  So, here it comes!  Come back often and see what an individual’s outlook on life is.  It’s through my eyes, the viewfinder and then the sensor of the camera.


The Loss Of My Father 6/18/2015

Although this has nothing to do with photography, I just wanted to journal the date of the loss of my father due to brain cancer, a glial carcinoma. He was diagnosed in late April  of 2015, underwent surgery on May 14, 2015, had two weeks of physical rehabilitation and then made a demand to go home. He knew that he was go to pass away quite soon. He passed away on June 18, 2015. He is at peace. It is those of us that are still here that must struggle through the journey called life.



James’ Telesonix, A High Elevation Plant , Western US (Telesonix jamesii)

James' Telesonix, A High Elevation Plant , Western US (Telesonix jamesii)

Not the most amazing name for such a stunning flowering plant, but “James’ Telesonix” it has always been. A high elevation plant, this one grows in a shady spot in our backyard rock garden. This plant is native to mountainous areas of the Western US.